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Top-class experts

Our developers, designers, testers and project managers know their craft inside out. What is more, we all speak English, so you can discuss details with every person working on the project.

Business-oriented software

We do not think solely about coding. Every piece of software which we build is tailored to your business needs and our team always focuses on your company’s goals and profits.

Agile development

Following the principles of agile software development (Scrum), we hold regular meetings and inform you about everything on a daily basis. You have full control over the process.

Excellent price-quality ratio

Despite the excellent quality, the costs are lower than the EU average. And, on top of that, we provide you with detailed lists of expenses, so you know what exactly you are paying for.

Full commitment

Most of our business comes from referals. We will work hard to get yet another satisfied customer and we hope that you will stay with us for years – like many of our clients do.

We are one of the Creative & growing technology companies




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Our clients

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We are proud to hold the rating of 4.5/5.0 on Google– a huge and reputed search engine companies

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Their priority was to help

The Software House is the best development company I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve worked with quite a few. Their priority was to help us. They did the design, planning, development and they continue to provide maintenance. They did everything.

Yousef Dashti

The system is worth at least triple what it cost to build

The system is worth at least triple what it cost to build, and we believe that its value will continue to grow even as its costs are amortized. In spring 2016, a year after the initial build began and after operating in production for 6 months, Worldwide101 has doubled its turnover and increased its team by 50%.

Matthew Criticos

They weren’t code monkeys

In the beginning, I was leery about using outsourced work again. But the MVP (minimum viable product) that they did was really amazing. We really liked them because they weren’t code monkeys. They didn’t just ask for tasks and then complete them. They actually put thought into it.

James Ruffer

With the new software we can avoid any lost time or productivity

Before the implementation of the new system, we relied on Excel and informal communication to plan our production and this was never smooth or clear. Now, with the new production software, we can manage shifts and predict possible obstacles, thus avoiding any lost time or productivity.

Rodrigo Artunduaga
Asco Aerospace Canada

They are in a league of their own

Many of the other providers we’ve used had to be babysitted through the projects, but we haven’t had to do this at all with The Software House. We can give them requirements, discuss how to do the work, and have it delivered on time and on budget. When talking about value, they are in a league of their own

Daniel Miles

Their willingness to go above and beyond was excellent

I came into the project as a novice to agile software development. In addition to handling the project, The Software House’s team was very helpful and communicative in teaching me how to organize the project best. Their willingness to go above and beyond in helping me to learn the process was excellent.

Ben Clark
Prisma International


Our experts share the knowledge

Our Initiatives

We care about the local software community


Meetups for developers

Our meetup series Uszanowanko Programowanko is the biggest of its kind in the whole region. Each month our office is full of knowledge-

hungry tech enthusiasts, who value our well-prepared presentations on software development (especially on PHP Symfony and on JavaScript frameworks). Every Uszanowanko meeting is an occasion to discuss the newest trends, spend some time with friendly people, get free pizza and beer. For more details visit:

Frontend conference

In 2016, we organised Frontendalia – a completely free, whole-day conference on frontend development (React and Angular frameworks 

especially). It was a huge success, as almost 200 people from different cities arrived at the spot, listening to lecturers, participating in debates, exchanging their views and… eating delicious Belgian fries from a food truck parked nearby. For more info visit:

"Coding dojo" for React adepts

In 2017, our frontend experts have organised a workshop, teaching how to perform TDD tests using the React framework. The workshop adopted 

the “coding dojo” method – participants were divided into teams and each team tried to solve the problem the quickest way possibe. It turned out to be so fun that we had to organise next ninja workshop in a few weeks! See the landing page:

Which cat is your JavaScript framework?

We are so passionate about coding that sometimes we do small afterhours projects – just to have fun. Have you ever wondered what kind 

of cat your JavaScript framework would be? We have. And because of that we have prepared this little website. You can check it out here:

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We care about the local software community

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